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$10 million injury case


The courts approved a ten million dollar settlement to a Kings County Brooklyn man who sustained brain injury when he was slammed against a concrete wall by a Deputy Sheriff. It happened after a chase ensued and the man outran the Deputy for quite some time.

A source took a quick look at the details of the case commented that the accused ran from the Deputy, who chased him thinking that he was someone else who had some kind of altercation in a fight that took place in May 2009.

After running a few blocks from the Deputy, the Queens man stopped and turned around to see how far the Deputy was from him. This was when the Deputy took the man’s head and slammed him into the concrete wall of a movie theater. It so happened that the tackle between the man and the Deputy was caught on tape.

The doctor said that the man went into a coma and was not able to speak or walk. For the rest of his life, he will need twenty four hour care.

It was his wife that filed a lawsuit for personal injury against King County according to the source, who thought that she had a right to do so. She filed the lawsuit to make sure that her husband received good medical care that he will need to recuperate and exist.

The ten million dollar settlement only took a few days from when the trial began to be approved. The County Sheriff apologized for the incident an sympathized with the family.

A rep can be effective if the details of the case are brought to the forefront. This Attorney will use the information to proceed with the case.

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