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A Hopeful Story for Mark Kelly, husband of Rep. Giffords


A former Houston police officer who was critically wounded in the line of duty says he wants Rep. Gabrielle Giffords to know that a full recovery is possible in the case of brain injury.  

The former police officer was shot four times in the face while in the line of duty. “I am sitting here talking to you with three bullets in my brain today,” he told the Representative’s husband. His message was a simple one of hope and endurance and heart. He wanted to share that he knew full recovery was possible. Though many are proclaiming that she step down from office, the former officer wanted to reassure her that she could come back completely ready to go.

The officer watched last Wednesday morning as Giffords took focused steps in order to board the NASA jet to Florida. He proclaimed that “she is way ahead of the ballgame, she is way ahead.”

Others, like a New York Brain Injury Attorney with years of experience interacting with victims of TBI, noticed the little things. While she was doing a lot of the work herself, she was smart and had supporters in front of and behind her should she stumble or need help.

Giffords husband, Mark Kelly, is preparing to command the final mission of space shuttle Endeavour.

The police officer proudly admitted that “She sure looks good though from what I can see.” The man has reached out to the Kelly’s offering his support. Several days before, he ran into Mr. Kelly at a gathering in Austin, TX.

”I stopped and said, ‘Mark? Astronaut Mark?'”

When Kelly replied, “Yes sir,” a ten-minute conversation between the men ensued. To sum up his message simply: “My message to your wife is that there can be quality of life after traumatic brain injury. I just want that message to be told by someone that has lived it already.”

He lives it every day. “I am still getting better 18 years after my injury. Still getting better.”

“She is gonna come back refreshed and ready to go at it.”

Hospitals in Queens and Staten Island deal with Brain injury on a constant basis.

Recoveries from TBI vary. Some patients bounce back immediately while others require almost constant care for the rest of their lives Should financial costs begin to overcome a family, a New York Brain Injury Attorney can help seek the financial restitution your family needs and deserves.

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