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About the injuries in the army, details a New York Brain Injury Lawyer


A doctor unfolds the report given by many National Guard and Reserved soldiers who were injured in war and felt snubbed by the Army compared to enlisted soldiers. According to the soldiers, they felt as if they were being asked to keep their mouths shuts with the treatment that they receive after returning from war with their brain injuries.

“Many of these National Guard and Reserved soldiers don’t feel as if they are getting fair treatment by the U.S. Army and want their voices to be heard. These soldiers go through a lot of trauma in war and still have to come back home to face the truth that the injuries sustained in war is their responsibility” explained one soldier to a Lawyer.

The soldier’s stories of post traumatic disorder and brain injury reached the ears of the Oregon Congressional delegation that stepped in and demanded that a full investigation be done. The source also feels that someone needed to get to the bottom of this. These soldiers provided a life threatening service to their country and the least that the U.S. Army can do is to provide medical care for these soldiers whether they are enlisted or not.

In cases, like these an attorney will have to step in to give the soldier an opportunity for due process. Medical supervision in Staten Island and Westchester is something that they deserve and should be provided to them. Many of these soldiers are in such bad medical condition that they are unable to work and take care of their families.

A New York Brain Injury Attorney will take on cases that help individuals; public, private and army personnel. Seek the help of a New York Brain Injury Attorney no matter what case you are battling related to injury of the brain.

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