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Boy Receives £4.6 Million for Birth Injury


A child left seriously injured by medical mistakes made at his birth is to receive £4.6 million in compensation, a source reports.

The boy, who was born at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn in June 2004, suffered severe injuries at the hands of medical personnel attending his mother’s labor. Apparently, during the delivery, the medical staff allegedly mistook his mother’s heartbeat for his. Because to this, they did not notice that the baby had an abnormal heartbeat. This resulted in delays in his delivery.

During the delay, the boy’s heart stopped beating, and he suffered oxygen starvation to the brain. This always leads to serious brain injury, a source states.

The plaintiff’s legal team argued that had his birth been just 10 minutes earlier, he would have escaped injury. But now, he suffers from cerebral palsy, learning difficulties, and is wheelchair dependent. He will suffer with these ailments and dependencies the rest of his life.

Last week, a Judge at the High Court in London approved the compensation package that legal advisors on each side had agreed would be awarded to his family. The NHS had already agreed to compensate the family on an 85% basis, without admitting to any liability.

The settlement is to reach Shane in payments made over his lifetime. He is to receive £4.6 million in compensation. The specifics of his case are unknown, but similar cases usually result in a lump-sum payment coupled with annual amounts paid out to cover the cost of extensive care needs. Professional legal counsel undoubtedly took into consideration the annual cost of caring for a growing child with such dependencies, and when attempting to reach an agreement they no doubt argued those points. Doctors in both the Bronx and Brooklyn have noticed this case.

The judge spoke in appreciation of the care the boy was already receiving at home.

Traumatic Brain Injury results in many different possible outcomes. Some outcomes are minor and are usually recovered from. Some outcomes are major and require a lot of love, money, and time to deal with.

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