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Gabby Giffords was shot


A doctor shared with his colleagues how U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords sustained brain injurieswhen she was shot by an Arizona resident during her speech in front of a local grocery store.

Gabby Giffords, as she is affectionately known, almost died during the attack. Her life was saved by her aide, who put pressure on the wound as she was taken away by the ambulance.

However, according to the hospital and the doctors, it looked like her condition would improve because of the heroic action of her volunteer aide. There were several other people shot in the incident, but Gabby Giffords received the worse injury.

The assailant used a gun to shoot Democratic Representative Gabriel Giffords and he was quickly subdued by several bystanders before he could reload the gun.

A doctor told a source that, “Representative Giffords was lucky and her progress will depend on the support that she receives from family and friends, but more importantly, she will need a good medical team.”

According to the Police Sheriff, at a news conference later that day, the shooter appeared to be unstable mentally. The Sheriff was quick to blame political oratory as the reason for the shooter’s action. Ironically, Representative Giffords was also concerned about the political undertone of many politicians and expressed her concern openly.

The incident shook up the community of Tucson, Arizona and many people came out to lend their support and sympathy to what happened. It would also shake places like Queens and Staten Island.

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