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Head injury patterns differ between children and adults


Head injurypatterns differ between children and adults, New York Brain Studies have learned. In the case of children, falls are the most common cause of injury. Most of those that required admission to the hospital were minor. In the case of serious injuries, most of them were pedestrian injuries from motor vehicles. Falls were only second here, followed closely by pedal cycling injuries and being an occupant of a motor vehicle. The most common component of severe injuries was injuries to the head. Falls were more likely to cause injuries both at ages 0-1 and again in adolescence. This was confirmed by hospitals in New York City and Westchester.

Head injury is the major cause of increase in severity, when it comes to children. Such cases often included abdominal injury and pedestrian accidents were the most frequent cause of injury, according to accounts. Severe head injuries for children in general are linked to vehicle accidents. Many of these accidents occur when the children are playing and not in a vehicle, and very close to the child’s home, often in the afternoon between 3 p.m. and 9 p.m. Such accidents were also more likely in less affluent neighborhoods.

Once more seatbelts play a high role in making a difference to the frequency of severe injury when the child is a passenger in a vehicle, studies have affirmed. Those children without seatbelts showed more injuries and more severe injuries, with longer stays in the hospital. They were also more likely to suffer long-term impairment.

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