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In the United States, fire arms and unintentional falls come a distant second and third


In the matter of fatalities due to head injuries, New York Brain Injury Lawyers have learned that motor vehicle accidents are the vast majority of cases. In the United States, fire arms and unintentional falls come a distant second and third. The motor vehicle deaths were more common among young people, from 15 to 24 years of age, while the deaths from Slip and Falls were far more prevalent among those over 75 years of age.

When it came to head injuries causing comas, motor vehicles were again the most frequent cause. Head injury was most likely to occur when the injured person was out of odors and traveling by motor car during the warmer months of the year on a weekend.

The vast majority of transport-related injuries were due to road crashes, New York Brain Injury Lawyers discovered. Most of these were to the occupants of vehicles. Children were more likely to be injured than pedestrians or cyclists.

Location also makes a difference. In the Norwegian province of Trondelag, bicycle accidents were the top cause of road-traffic-accident-related head injury, because so many people ride bicycles, rather than drive cars.

There are so many contributing factors, including age, gender, locality, and method of presentation, that it is difficult to categorize head injuries accurately. A study of cases in Long Island and Manhattan even found that assault was a more common cause for injury than motor accidents among Scottish men aged 15-24, showing that things could be very different for different people, depending upon a great many variables.

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