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Infant Brain Injury Caused by Birth Trauma


A Washington D.C. infant abuse case involving bleeding on the brain took an unexpected turn when a neurosurgeon testified that bleeding was caused not by abuse, but by birth trauma, sources told NY Brain Injury Lawyers. The six-week-old (at the time) infant may or may not have been abused, but the brain injuries came from another source entirely.

Medical records dating from 2009 indicated to the neurosurgeon that the bleeding on the brain came from a portion far too deep to have been caused by abuse. His theory is that the injury was caused during a difficult delivery, which caused tearing of the fibers of the brain. This injury would be recurring, meaning it could have easily not caused trouble for weeks.

“It verified to me that this is a birth-related injury,” the neurosurgeon said to NY Brain Injury Lawyers.

He also stated there was “no evidence of any kind of mechanical trauma.” He believed the brain injuries were not caused by the defendant in the abuse case at all.

There are still other charges the defendant must contend with in the child endangerment trial, however. The father of the baby has been charged with six counts total, including a broken arm, the infant spitting up blood, and the child ceasing to breathe entirely on July 8, 2009.

The prosecution contends that the father was the one watching over the child each time one of these injuries occurred.

Medical witnesses for the prosecution testified before the court that the child had severe brain-stem injuries which stopped the infant’s heart temporarily. The loss of oxygen to the brain has caused permanent brain damage.

According to the defense, abuse did not cause the broken ribs which showed up on an X-ray of the infant. They could well have been caused by CPR which is used in Nassau and Suffolk hospitals.

The neurologist did not speak about the other injuries the child suffered, but he remained insistent that the brain injuries were not the cause of abuse at all. He testified that any shaking hard enough to cause brain damage would also cause damage to the spinal column, and he could find no evidence of neck injury.

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