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Injuries caused by an improvised explosive device (IED) can be complicated, New York Brain Injury Lawyers have learned.

Injuries caused by an improvised explosive device (IED) can be complicated, sources have learned. Such a blast can cause a number of brain injuries that have their own problems, like traumatically amputated limbs, multiple penetrating wounds, and heavy bleeding. It takes a great deal of skill and knowledge to treat injuries from an explosive blast, because there are so many different injuries caused by it.

A number of subspecialists are required to help the patient, under the direction of a trauma surgeon. Soft-tissue loss is common, in addition to severe burns to the face and scalp. When it comes to the military, a helmet can be excellent protection against penetrating objects, so if the blast does cause penetrating object injuries, it is often through the face, orbit of the eye, or base of the skull, all areas not covered by the helmet. Even when the helmet does prevent an object from penetrating the skull there can still be associated cTBI (closed head traumatic blast injury) that may cause anything from mild concussions to severe contusions and skull fractures, where the helmet is dented from the blow, doctors have discovered.

Hospitals and doctors in Manhattan and Queens are studying these cases and trying to improve their treatment. The more information they receive the better chance they have of developing treatment which will solve the problems these injuries present.

The force of a flying object and where it penetrates are of utmost importance, doctors have told hospitals. Something traveling at a low speed might penetrate the skull, but actually cause little brain damage, while something traveling a greater speed could very well cause a secondary cavity in a vital area.

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