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Injury in a vehicular accident is often caused by damage to the vehicle


Since so many head injuries are caused by motor vehicles, doctors and hospitals have looked into the patterns of cause when it comes to vehicle accidents. It was discovered that the severity of the injury was directly linked to the incidence of head injury, pelvic and femoral fractures, and abdominal injury.

Injury in a vehicular accident is often caused by damage to the vehicle, like dashboard intrusion, steering wheel deformation, windshield violation, and the vehicle’s frame being crumpled. Impacts from the front or the side often damages the passenger side. Seatbelts were shown to cause a lower incident of severe injury, including head injury, doctors learned.

Motorcyclists are often prone to injury, due to their relative exposure. Collision with another vehicle and loss of control of the motorcycle contribute to all most all head injuries to motorcyclists. The compulsory use of helmets has actually reduced the death rate, according to a study.

Like motorcyclists, pedal cyclists are also much more exposed to brain injury. Collision with a motor vehicle is the most likely cause of injury for pedal cyclists. When it comes to off-road biking, loss of control often causes falls, which cause injury. A great many fatalities in bicycle accidents are due to head injury. Studies in Staten Island and Westchester hospitals have confirmed this.

Pedestrians, of course, fare poorly when it comes to collision with a motor vehicle. While they may suffer head injury, it is usually a combination of causes that result in fatalities. Musculoskeletal injuries are by far the most common, with such things as broken bones, but the second most common injury are head injuries.

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