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Irish High Court Settles Brain Injury Case


A woman who claims to have suffered brain damage from a hospital procedure performed shortly after her honeymoon has gotten a settlement after her case was taken to the Irish High Court.

The 46-year-old victim from Loughlinstown, Ireland, was described as “bubbly and vivacious” before her injury. She was employed as receptionist then, but now her injury requires her to have care 24 hours a day.

It was the victim’s husband who brought the suit before the court, on behalf of his wife. The charges alleged the hospital system and the surgeon who performed the operation were negligent and acted in breach of duty at St. Michael’s Hospital, where the victim was treated.

The defendants never actually admitted liability, except to say they did not provide a nutritionist at the hospital. The case was about to resume, but the judge was told the case had been settled. No one has revealed any details regarding the settlement.

According to court records, the victim became ill in June 2005, while on her honeymoon in the Dominican Republic. When she returned on July 18th, she was sent to St. Michael’s, where she a laparotomy was performed to treat a number of abdominal adhesions.

Only ten days after her discharge from the hospital, she was readmitted, due to continuing difficulties. Part of her small bowel was removed at that point, and she required emergency intravenous feeding known as total parenteral nutrition (TPN). Hospitals in The Bronx and Manhattan are always attentive to these problems.

The attorneys for the victim claim the intravenous feeding lacked an essential nutrient – the vitamin thiamine. As a result, she was afflicted with a condition known as Winicke Korsakoff psychosis. It is alleged the defendants did not do their duty to monitor, test, and review what their patient needed as a part of her TPN management.

The victim’s attorney told New York Brain Injury Lawyers his client became confused and disoriented, and soon developed problems with her memory. Her executive function also suffered a great deal, as did her linguistic ability. Even her overall IQ dropped, as a result.

She continues to suffer from unsteadiness and dizziness, as well as periods of heavy fatigue and depression, sources told New York Brain Injury Lawyers

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