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It isn’t necessary to go into the entire pathology of primary brain damage here

It isn’t necessary to go into the entire pathology of primary brain damage here. Suffice it to say that it is important to use primary brain damage to understand the initial level of consciousness of a patient and any neurological problems that might immediately be apparent, doctors in The Bronx and Brooklyn have determined.

Any changes that occur in the first few moments after injury should be understood whenever possible, so they can be treated as soon as possible. The damage caused directly the impact could very well be aggravated by secondary brain damage, resulting in effects ranging from concussion to coma and death, sources have learned. For example, a object that penetrates the skull will obviously cause direct damage, but it may also cause some loss of function or impairment. Any further loss of consciousness or brain function would be caused by secondary brain damage.

Experimental research has shown swelling occurs at the site of the injury within 15 minutes of traumatic brain injury. As hours pass, the injury can continue to worsen, due to misalignment of parts of the brain. Pressure inside the skull can increase, subjecting the brain to forces that will make matters even worse. Doctors have determined the first few minutes after head injury are vital. It takes trained medical professionals who know what to do with head injury to prevent what may seem like a straightforward medical problem from becoming something far worse, something that might cause lifelong impairment or even death.

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