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Man with brain injury defended


Studies indicated that a man who received a brain injury when he was caught by police while he broke into the home of a business man did not get the jail sentence that many thought that he deserved for another offence that he committed. This decision was made due to his brain injury and because he was not fit to enter a plea.

According to the police, the defendant was hit with a bat by the business man during the incident that took place. The brain injury that he sustained caused him to escape from being imprisoned. The defendant was facing other charges, but the jury decided that he could not be found guilty.

A court spokesperson said, “He received a reduced penalty of being supervised for twelve months in a probation program.” The business man was put in jail for injuring the defendant according to authorities, but he was later released after his appeal. He had chased the defendant down the street and inflicted a skull fracture on him. According to the judge, no one was in any danger after the defendant had left the business man’s home; therefore, the business man should be made liable for his actions.

The defendant would be supervised for two years instead of receiving the maximum sentence of thirty months in jail. The defendant’s brother was also put in jail for being a part of the break in at the business man’s home. He received a reduced sentence of two years.

Cases like this are common in New York City and Long Island.

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