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National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month


Motorcycle riding has many inherent risks. To those who love the freedom of this transportation mode, though, the beloved vehicle gets too much flak for being dangerous. Enter the National Motorcycle Safety Awareness month.

As for the statistics, motorcycles make up only 3% of all registered vehicles in the U.S. A New York Brain Injury Law Officer reports, though, that they account for almost 15% of all traffic fatalities.

This May take a chance to review driving safety tips. For example, simply wearing a helmet halves the chances of dying in a crash. Wearing protective clothing can help avoid some of the more minor abrasions that can happen.

Safety tips should also include how to drive, not only what to wear. Remember that motorcycles are easily hidden in the blind spot of a vehicle, so try not to ride there.

An Attorney says that one of the most common injuries reported is head trauma. The brain can be seriously injured when the body is thrown in an accident, or twisted up in an accident. Contusions, bruising, bleeding, and swelling occur when the head is turned quickly and violently – like in a crash of any type. Blood clots, also known as hematomas, can occur either on the brain’s surface or deep within brain cells. A New York Brain Injury Attorney says that these injuries are considered emergencies and must be treated promptly by professionals. These findings are of great help to doctors in Long Island as well as Manhattan in treating similar injuries.

It is possible to drive a motorcycle safely, and, just like every other vehicle on the road, it is extremely easy to drive them recklessly. But, bikers are especially prone to serious head trauma, and adequate precautions and safety procedures should be in place to save lives.

With all the talk of the negatives of driving a motorcycle, there are positives. For instance, bikes are easier to maneuver and riders sit higher than a car’s driver. It is easier for a biker to see oncoming danger.

Motorcycle safety is important for enthusiasts and those who avoid them at all costs. Regardless, vigilance and awareness while driving will keep everyone safer on the roads.

Unsafe driving by any motorist can easily cause severe impact on all those on the roadway with them. During motorcycle awareness month, let’s all try to driver safer.

Should you need expert legal aid, though, because of damages or injuries inflicted on you by another unsafe driver, contact a New York Brain Injury Attorney. Their immediate and dedicated response will ensure your case gets the attention it deserves.

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