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New Bill Offers Hope


The Wounded Warrior Project is looking forward to the introduction and passage of a new bill that would help warriors suffering severe traumatic brain injury live better lives after their sacrifices in Iraq and Afghanistan, describes a doctor.

The bill, called The Veterans’ Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitative Services’ Improvement Act of 2011, would make it mandatory for the VA to give veterans with severe traumatic brain injury ongoing long-term care with the hope of future rehabilitation. This would include support services that emphasize personal independence and a better quality of life for the patient.

“This important bipartisan, bi-cameral legislation would close critical gaps in VA rehabilitation programs for warriors who have suffered severe traumatic brain injury,” the executive director of the Wounded Warrior Project told reporters. “These complex injuries often require long-term rehabilitative care. The legislation would help ensure that needed rehabilitation is not prematurely cut off, and that these veterans can get the supports they need – whether those are health-services or non-medical assistance – to achieve maximum independence and quality of life.”

Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom has seen a great many traumatic brain injuries. Unfortunately, such injuries remain difficult to treat, or to even completely understand, due to the vast complexity of the brain. Mild or moderate traumatic brain injury often has symptoms that can be treated or that disappear over time, but severe traumatic brain injury can result in neurological and cognitive difficulties that last a long time, if not for life.

“We salute Senators Boozman and Begich, as well as Congressmen Walz and Bilirakis for legislation that so powerfully addresses the often agonizing experience of wounded warriors who have been denied important community-reintegration supports and who have experienced premature termination of rehabilitation services,” the executive director of the Wounded Warrior Project said. “This legislation offers new hope to these warriors and their families.”

“Passage of this measure would provide those warriors with low-tech, low-cost services like supported employment and life-skills coaching that can open up new avenues to greater independence,” the executive director continued.

Hope is one of the greatest ways to help those afflicted with traumatic brain injury, and hospitals in New York City and Westchester are trying to use it.

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