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New York Brain Injury Lawyer – military refuse to pay for brain injury treatment


A source indicated that the health department of the military is rejecting insurance claims for brain injurypatients who have had traumatic injuries. They are doing this even though doctors and lawyers across the nation are supporting it.

The agency in Long Island and Manhattan did their own internal study in 2009 and reported that they found that cognitive rehab therapy done for brain injuries by itself was not scientifically proven to work for patients. They claim that this kind of therapy takes too long and is too expensive.

A representative from the Military Times newspaper, said, “There is not much evidence provided by research that proves the benefits of treatment provided to a traumatic brain injury patient.” A Brain Injury Lawyer and other law makers disagree that this is the case. Of course, the projected amount for a program that last for four months is $50,000, which is reasonable considering the type of injury. The patient will have to relearn specific motor skills.

The Military, on the other thinks, that one type of treatment cannot be individually billed as a separate and definitive medical service. An officer recalls that the Military put all the details of their analysis in a report that is readily available to substantiate their claim.

The expert and many doctors disapproved of the report indicating that it undermined the care that these injured personnel deserved. They think that the motivation is only to cut cost and not about the injured.

A rep will take the initiative to defend a brain injured patient in court. Despite the fact that the U.S. military is involved, an Attorney will still take on your case.

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