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Police Investigator Pleads Innocence in Prison Death


A Police Investigator in Bambolim is facing inquiry from the death of a prisoner who died while in his custody. The Investigator claims that the prisoner was treated at Goa Medical College, and that no brain or head injury was reported at the time.

The suspended Police Investigator is requesting a cross examination of the forensic experts work, who stated that he believed the head injuries to be fatal, describes a New York Brain Injury Lawyer.

During the hearing, the Police Investigator stated that the prisoner was treated at Goa Medical Center for 18 hours, after the Panaji police took me there on January 8th. The prisoner was examined by a neurosurgeon and underwent a CT scan. He passed away on January 9th. The hospital has no records of brain or head injuries. In Nassau and New York City, hospitals are required to keep records of all patients x-rays.

The Police Investigator also brought it to the judge’s attention that there is no mention of head injuries in the statement to the witness. He informed the courts that the two head injuries noted in the post mortem were reported as simple in nature.

The suspended Police Investigator was trying to explain that if the head injuries were because of a beating by the police force, the doctors would have recorded them when he was treated at the Goa Medical Center. A NY City Brain Injury Lawyerstated that the Police Investigator spoke that the official cause of death was stoppage of blood flow to the brain and trauma.

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