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Severe closed head injuries are generally investigated by computed tomography (CT),


Severe closed head injuries are generally investigated by computed tomography (CT), which can give a visual representation of injuries that require surgery, New York Brain Injury Lawyershave learned. Medical professionals also monitor pressure inside the head and other details of the brain, so they know when to use artificial ventilation and other forms of therapy. A clinical examination plays in important role in the management of head injuries, especially severe head injuries.

The initial clinical evaluation is just as important here as it is in any other case. It is used in triage to assess the immediate need for care and as a baseline to see how far the patient has come in recovery. This initial evaluation also does a great deal to form the prognosis. The first neurological examination is often performed at the accident site or the emergency room, often by someone with no special experience or training in neurology. Thus, it is vital that paramedics, intensivists, and emergency physicians all know how to perform a neurological examination before other measures are enacted. These steps are followed closely by all hospitals in Brooklyn and The Bronx.

It isn’t necessary for everyone who might treat an unconscious patient to know everything about medical neurology, New York Brain Injury Lawyers have discovered. All that’s necessary is to learn a few basic neurological observations and making an accurate record of them. The care of a head injury patient should not be compartmentalized. The evaluation needs to be a continuous process, with the early findings always remaining important, no matter what the later outcome.

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