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Sports are not really known for causing major head injury


Sports are not really known for causing major head injury, according to experts, but as technology advances, people may find more opportunity for engaging in different sports where the potential for injury is more prevalent. Sports only accounted for between 3% and 5% of head injuries in the 1950s and 1960s, it rose to 12% by the 1980s. Mild head injuries related to sports or recreation were more likely to occur in males than in females, with males peaking at 10-14 years of age, but females peaking about 5 years earlier.

Horseback riding has seen its share of head injuries as it becomes more popular, doctors have discovered. In the country of Sweden, there were a number of riding accidents, but very few caused head injuries and even fewer were fatal. In a Canadian study, head injuries occurred in 92% of 156 riding injuries, and were determined to cause all 11 deaths. That number was 79% of all deaths associated with horseback riding.

Boxing has caused a great deal of controversy, because it may very well cause a great deal of brain injury. The sport, however, has contributed a great deal to the understanding of brain damage due to repeated blows to the head. Regulation has reduced the number of fatalities. Even though a knockout involves inducing a coma lasting more than 10 seconds from a blow to the head, investigations fail to show evidence of lost of intellectual capacity in boxers, when they are studied under control conditions in Long Island and New York City.

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