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Teacher and State Representative Recovering from TBI


State Representative Dewayne Bunch, also a Whitley County High School teacher, is improving. According to the public relations and marketing director for Shepherd Center in Atlanta, Georgia, the 49-year-old who sustained a head injury while trying to break-up a fight between two students in the school’s cafeteria, in April, is recovering nicely.

The teacher was transported to Baptist Regional Medical Center and then transferred to the University of Kentucky Medical Center. Two weeks after that, he was moved to the intensive care unit at Shepherd Center, a hospital specializing in the treatment of brain and spinal cord injuries.

The State Representative’s traumatic brain injury (TBI) has improved enough that he has now even been moved to the hospital’s rehabilitation unit.

His wife was quoted as giving thanks to the public. “I appreciate the outpouring of support and kindness we’ve received from the community. Please continue to keep [my husband] in your prayers as he continues his journey to recovery.”

More extensive details on his recovery and prognosis are not available at this time. Realizing how varied brain injuries can be, an Attorney, has said that his brain could be recovering from a minor hurt, or it could be trying to reconnect neurons after a serious injury left him with a damaged portion of his brain. While it is unclear what the extent of the TBI is, the fact that the teacher is going to rehabilitation is a good sign. The first periods immediately after a TBI are extremely important and rehab helps tremendously.

The Whitley County Sheriff said last Monday that the incident is still under investigation. The exact reason why Bunch was injured is still unclear.

Two more teachers received minor injuries when they joined Bunch in trying to break up the fight.

The fighting students have been charged with first-degree assault in the injury of Bunch and third-degree assault in the injury of the other two instructors. The students are ages 15 and 16.

Representative Bunch is a science instructor at the Whitley County High School. As a member of the Kentucky House of Representatives, he represents all of Whitley County and a portion of Laurel County in the 82nd district. Doctors in Manhattan and Queens are studying the case.

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