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Teen Charged with Car Burglary Dies from Choke Hold Brain Injury


In December, a grand jury handed down a third-degree burglary indictment for a 19-year-old young man and his 18-year-old friend in connection with an alleged burglary the previous summer.

The grand jury did not hand down any indictments on the man who allegedly put the 19-year-old in the choke hold that led to his brain injury.

According to the Somerset County Prosecutor, the Bridgewater Township Police responded to a fight report when they found two males lying on the roadway. The men were later identified as the young men mentioned above.

According to reports, a 42-year-old male and his wife were awakened by the sound of their car horn. When they looked outside, they noticed the interior lights were on. Apparently the young men mentioned above had broken into his vehicle and removed items from it.

The older man exited his house and chased the two teens. When he caught up with them, he knocked one of the teens onto the ground and started to fight the other one.

The 42-year-old put the attacking teen into a submission hold. This hold left the teen unresponsive and caused extensive brain damage.

The Bronx youth remained non-verbal and bedridden. His father said his son was completely disabled, requiring 24-hour care, and had to be fed through a feeding tube.

According to testimony from friends in Brooklyn a Lawyer found out that this young man was the kind of guy who would sing “In the Jungle” in a deep voice just to lighten the mood when things got too quiet. He was a passionate football player who had played for his local high school for four years before his graduation in 2010.

But this 19-year-old man died Sunday, a little more than eight months after sustaining his brain injury. The fight that ended with a submission move when he allegedly attempted to burglarize another man’s vehicle in town killed him.

More than eight months after the incident, the 19-year-old succumbed to his brain injury.

His death affected his friends, family and neighborhood drastically.

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