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The slow recovery of the injured indicated by


A source and other U.S. Lawyers in Nassau and Suffolk attempt to understand the traumatic incident that occurred in Tucson, Arizona when a Congresswoman and others were shot by a lone gunman. Some were killed including a nine year old girl who was listening to the Congresswoman speak because of her interest in politics. She was there with her neighbor.

Apparently, the gunman did not like some of Congresswoman’s ideals and felt it was his duty to take her out. Lucky for Gabriel Giffords, one of her volunteer aide who happened to be a nurse was there at her side and held her wounds until the paramedics came.

The citizens of the United States including the injured are all mourning for those who were lost and are waiting to see the recovery process that Giffords would face. She sustained injury to her brain, which was serious enough to keep her in the intensive care unit of the hospital. Her condition began to improve as the country watched. Updates were given through the national media.

The country continues to follow the progress of a U.S. Congresswoman’s recovery since her attempted assassination. As of Wednesday morning, Gabrielle Giffords’ condition was upgraded from serious to good, and she should soon be transferred to a center for rehabilitation.

A month before this particular incident another Arizona woman was hit by a gunshot in her head, according to the reports. That woman was shot through a window while she was working in her office on the ground floor. Like Gifford, she is also recuperating slowly, but progressively.

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