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UFC Fighter Brian Foster Suffers Brain Hemorrhage


Welterweight Brian Foster suffered a brain hemorrhagewhich results in him being out of his UFC 129 fight against Sean Pierson. The 27-year-old fighter posted the announcement two weeks ago on his Twitter account.

The Ontario Athletic Commission commissioned an MRI sixty days prior to the bout according to a friend. The test revealed a damaged blood vessel. Foster believes the injury took place during a hard sparring session he had before the test.

“I was dealing with a really good boxer and he caught me with a left hook that rocked me a little bit,” Foster said. “I hadn’t been rocked like that very often. I’ve never been knocked down. My record says I’ve been knocked out before but I was not unconscious in that fight.

Foster’s manager forwarded the MRI results to UFC physician who made the call to pull the fighter from the Toronto’s Rogers Centre event. “When you hear something like that you think of the worst. I’m glad we got that scan. Brian’s a fighter. He’s young and has that attitude that he’ll fight no matter what. But it’s not the right thing to do. I want him to be a father to his kids for a long time.”

Foster will undergo an MRI which is common in the Bronx and Manhattan in six weeks to determine whether or not he’s fit to fight. His camp hopes the broken vessel will completely heal and he will be cleared for competition. This is the first time the UFC fighter has had to deal with a brain-trauma issue. To ensure the brain injury can heal properly, Foster is not supposed to keep his blood pressure up. He is supposed to take it easy for six weeks. He has time to just enjoy life and his kids for a moment.

Foster said, “I plan to listen to the people that I trust most and take what they say into perspective.”

I have six weeks and I’m going to get another head scan. I’m 100 percent sure in my heart and my mind that I’m fine. I’ll be back in the UFC and make a statement.”

It’s clear here that authorities did the right thing in ordering the test. Should they not have done that, the outcome could have been much worse. When others threaten or push us too hard, or ignore medical advice, and our health is jeopardized, legal action should be taken. Speak to a New York City Brain Injury Attorney to help right any wrongs committed against you.

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