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When it comes to preventing head injuries, it is important to focus on traffic accidents


When it comes to preventing head injuries, it is important to focus on traffic accidents. New York Brain Injury Lawyers know that most severe head injuries occur in traffic-related incidents. A large aspect of prevention is the control of alcohol. Not only does alcohol contribute to many vehicle crashes, but many medical professionals believe that a high blood alcohol concentration (BAC) may also reduce the individual’s capacity to survive a crash, especially if a head injury is sustained. Any head injury prevention program must include a discussion on alcohol.

High BAC has consistently been shown to increase the risk of crash involvement, and there are already a number of programs across the United States to curtail drunk driving, from public awareness campaigns, to increasingly harsh criminal sentences for driving while under the influence. The data consistently proves to New York Brain Injury Lawyers that high BAC results in more accidents and more fatalities. Some of the data might even be understated when it comes to drunk drivers killing sober drivers in a crash.

Obviously, the reason why alcohol has such a terrible effect in these cases is due to the way alcohol affects neuronal function. In fact, studies have shown New York Brain Injury Lawyers that it takes very little alcohol for impairment to set in. Different places in the United States still have different levels of tolerance for BAC while driving, however. In New York City and Westchester County, the tolerance is very low.

The effort to reduce driving under the influence is still ongoing and many important changes have been made that have significantly reduced the number of deaths caused by drunk driving. Still, it remains a problem even in countries where it is more severely penalized or there is a religious prohibition involved.

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