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Woman receives brain injury during jewelry heist, says New York Brain Injury Lawyer


According to a doctor, a woman sustained a very serious brain injury after a car driven by some jewelry thieves dragged her. The robbers were trying to steal her diamond bracelet. The defense lawyer made an argument that it was the woman who caused the outcome.

The Nassau doctor indicated that it was the thieves that went to the woman’s home to steal her diamond bracelet that she had put up for sale on a website. Apparently, the thieves had seen the advertisement and had gone to recover the item without paying.

The woman chased the thieves to the car and put up a fight to get her precious jewelry back. The source said that one of the teenage robbers became fearful and then drove off quickly without paying attention to the struggle that was taking place with the passenger and the woman.

The Suffolk prosecutor for the case disagreed that the victim was at fault here. Her skull had been fractured in the incident and made the mistake of saying that she thought about suicide because of the accident.

The doctor said that the victim gave the defense too much information that worked against her. The victim thinks that her reaction was normal. Many defense lawyers would argue that the drive should have known that the victim was still hanging on to the passenger side of the vehicle while it was driving away. Both the defense and the prosecution argued about what sentence they thought should be given to the defendant. Sentencing will take place in mid February.

The New York Brain Injury Attorney that works on your behalf has to know all he needs to about the case in order to assist you. Any New York Brain Injury Attorney will agree that the victim is the one that suffers in the case of severe injuries.

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