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Woman recovers after brain injury, says New York Brain Injury Lawyer


A NYC Brain Injury Lawyer retold the story about a brain injury patient in Dallas, Texas, who was twenty years old, had shown signs of improvement. Before, her diagnosis was not good. Doctors thought she would never walk or talk again.

The Dallas woman was in a car accident that resulted from severe head injury. In the accident, she had her skull separated from her spinal column. A lot of people would have died in an accident like this, but this young woman fought for her life.

To the doctor’s dismay, the Dallas young woman began to walk slowly and was able to talk with some type of simulation. However, most recently, she boasted to her family that she was able to shave her legs, which was a true accomplishment considering her injuries. In New York City and Nassau County, doctors are learning from these findings in Dallas.

According to the New York Brain Injury Lawyer, this young woman went through some intensive therapy and this is what probably helped her to learn how to regain control of her body especially her left side. She had no feeling on that side before and she was able to shave using her left hand, which was remarkable.

Most trauma patients of brain injuries have to go through strict exercise drills that challenge them to do things that were previously second nature to them.

“The medical care that one receives during these difficult situations will prove to be the breakthrough that the patient needs,” said a brain surgeon to a New York Brain Injury Lawyer.

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