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High School Coach Dies After Students Father Attacks Him


A 51-year old Houston man attacked a Stratford High School coach outside of the Los Tios Mexican restaurant on Friday. The man punched the coach, who fell to the ground, hitting his head, and suffered a brain trauma that resulted in his death. Doctors in The Bronx and Nassau County deal with this injury all the time.

According to a New York Brain Injury Lawyer, the 51-year old thought that the High School Coach was having an affair with his wife and attacked him when he saw them walking outside of the restaurant on Friday afternoon. Police said that they have found no evidence of an affair. Other parents who were at the restaurant that night reported that they were there for a parent teacher get together following a soccer match.

The High School Coach also taught world history along with coaching football and soccer. He was married to the Stratford High School algebra teacher.

A Lawyer has reported that the 51-year old man had been charged with aggravated assault before the Coach passed away. He was released from jail on a $30,000 bond. Now that the Coach has died, the charges could be upgraded.

The couple’s lawyer issued a statement that discussed the sorrow that the 51-year old, his wife, and the rest of their family felt. They offered their thoughts and prayers to the family, the Stratford High School students and staff, and the rest of the community. A NY Brain Injury Lawyer said that no other statement from the family was available due to the legal matters surrounding them.

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