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A Newtownabbey Father Denies Killing His Son

A twenty-six year old man from Ballyvessey Green is denying the charges of murdering and causing grievous bodily harm with intent in regards to his son’s death in September of 2008.

The baby boy, whose age was not given in the report, passed away at Royal Hospital after going to Antrim Area Hospital, reports New York Brain Injury Lawyer. The baby reportedly died from a head injury, which resulted in his brain swelling. According to his father, the only injury he sustained was hitting the back of his head against the plastic bathtub the night before his death, after he kicked his legs out and flopped backwards.

The father, who has been quoted as saying that you would have to be ‘sick’ to hurt a baby in one of his 22 police interviews, claimed that an ultrasound scan during the pregnancy revealed a brain anomaly that they never had checked out after the baby was born, alleged a New York Brain Injury Lawyer. The baby’s grandmother also noticed bruises on her grandson’s back, but was unsure of where they came from, or how they got there. When a brain contusion is discovered in hospitals in Brooklyn and Queens, treatment is recommended on and immediate basis.

The father first became worried about his son when he stopped breathing properly. He also began acting very lethargic and non-responsive. The father began performing coronary pulmonary resuscitation on his son but he did not call for an ambulance until three hours later. The trial is still continuing at the time of this report.

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